Month: March 2016

Today being a very competitive world, customers always look for the best of products that provide them with the necessary service. They tend to spend a lot more money and time in finding for the good products among the other products that are available in the market today. The reason why one chooses a particular product over the rest is due to the lack of extra features such as comfort, durability, quantity and quality present in mainstream products. Many industries have now hired experts and professionals to come up with good solution to up their sales and to knock over their contenders and stay on top of the market.

It is a constant battle between the industries that offer the same products and one always tries to stay ahead of the other. Even the toilet paper industry, thought not many might know, is a large one. It compromises of many workers and scientists trying their best to make quality assured products for the usage of man. Some toilet paper industries have now replaced human labour to machinery and the entire process of the production of toilet paper is done by machines but over looked by a few labourers.The disadvantage being that many people are losing their jobs. Given below are various types of toilet paper that are currently being manufactured today. 

Go green toilet paper

The most new innovation is the recycled toilet paper which has now stolen the show. This reduces the number of trees being cut and protect the environment.

Now there are different types of these toilet papers such as the 3 ply toilet paper and the 1 ply toilet paper. This is the first move that scientists have made to reduce the damaged caused to the earth. It is best to always opt for recycled paper as they save our planet from being swallowed by the worst of catastrophes.

Other extra feature in toilet papers

Nowadays industries are trying to make various types of tissue to cater to mans wants. One could find perfumed toilet paper and there are many types of this. Roses, jasmine and even sandal wood perfumed toilet papers can be found in today’s market. They also come in fancy colours and shapes for the usage in different occasions. Some toilet papers have designs printed on them with different colours. The most expensive toilet paper is the ‘’luxury toilet paper’’ as it is perfumed and plus it has a layer of quilt which gives it extra softness. They also have an important property which is the anti bacterial chemical which can immediately kill any bacteria.