3 Ways To Avoid Dehydration While On The Mountains

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Spending a weekend to explore a mountain site or to conquer a hike trail hidden with a cliff can be quite an adventurous activity. It is the kind of thing that gives you the opportunity to escape from your day to day routines and enjoy some peace and quiet together with nature. However, there are many challenges associated with mountain climbing and hiking. The most critical one being dehydration. Since you are unaware of when you will be returning back home, you should be able to keep yourself hydrated at all times. However, drinking from unknown water sources which could be polluted can result in more bad than good. Here are a few ideas on how to avoid dehydration, while making sure that you don’t fall it due to contamination.
This is of course the most straightforward solution to the problem. Carry a sufficient water supply for your trip. The problem with this solution is that it is going to be quite heavy. A person can only carry a certain amount of water without it straining them. At the same time, carrying heavy bottles up and down a mountain when you are already tired is much harder than you’d imagine. Therefore, if you plan on quenching your thirst by taking water with you, you may need to distribute the weight among the group of people you are going with. You will also have to find bottles that are light weight and less space consuming.
A hiking water filter online would help prevent the to carry heavy bottles with you. This mechanism allows you to take water from any source and purify it to a great extent. This way, you will have the assurance that what you drink isn’t heavily polluted regardless of where you got it from.
The main advantage of portable water filter is its compact size. You can simply store it in a small corner of a backpack when going on your mountain climb. You don’t have to carry any complicated gadgets with you. The fact that this system is highly user friendly makes it the perfect companion for any hiker.

The other thing you could do to make sure that you have access to clean water throughout your trip is to plan your trip perfectly. If you get details from someone who has already gone on the same trail, you could decide on the spots where clean drinking water is available. This way, you will know how long you will have to go without extra hydration and can carry enough water to fulfil your requirements.

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